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    5 for 3 text links on diferent sites

    5 a month for text links on all 3 of our network sites

    other great advertising options avalible check


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    Would you be willing to do an exchange where you place links on your site, and I place your banner on my site?

    If so... view full details at:
    I buy vBulletin licenses and vBSEO licenses!

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    no sorry not at this time

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    Doesnt servertalk look like WHT?
    Especially the top part?
    Centation Web Services
    Bristol based web design
    Offering website design, SEO, website hosting, website development and domain registration.

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    only the top part??

    you mean the showcase adds yea i thaught it to

    i saw it some other sites so i put it on mine to get some advertisers none yet though

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