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    Need a custom light gaming template

    I need someone to design a custom gaming template. It needs to be light colors, whites and blues and the style needs to be like

    The template needs to include PSDs and 1-2 HTML coded pages.

    I will have other examples/sketches if requested. If you want more details please contact me.

    Please reply with some previous work (if you dont have any, please dont post) and a quote.


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    Hey Snake,

    I have the time at the moment to do this job for you - I am also the original designer of

    If you'd like to get in touch via AIM I would be most happy...

    AIM - MVisuals

    Thanks for your time.

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    I guess you'd be perfect for the job then.

    Designer found. Thanks.

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    I can do this, I am very good at gaming templates and have four years of experience with them. My portfolio (latest 10 peices) is at although it doesnt have any light ones in there I can do them....

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    Awesome job visio!
    talkProgramming- How to's and Programming News!

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    Thanks Adept-Art

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    get free ones at

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    I work at clantemplates What game are you looking for?

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    Thanks all, but I've found a designer.

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