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    Arrow Invision : Migrating my forum to a new server.

    I need some advise here, maybe some of you had done this b4.
    1) I have a forum running on my current server ( and now I got a new space ( where I want to move my current forum location. I'm using Invision Board. I want to know if I can just copy everything under current server (forum folder) and load it into my new server? Is it going to work?

    2) How can I make advertisement/banner to appear on my forum (Invision) is there a way to do this? If yes, can someone provide me the url of website doing this.

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    You have to backup the database (probably mysql) and restore it on your new server. That's where everything really is.

    Ohter than that, you need to keep your template (that can probably be seen from the admin area).

    Putting all that in a new install on the new server should do the job. As I said, it's the database that's the most important. You don't want to loose that. I can't help much with this, as I'm no mysql expert, but it can be done from the command line. You get a file to import on the new server. phpmyadmin does that too, as well as other scripts too.

    As for putting advertisements, that can also be done by modifying the template. Back it up, and experiment to see where it fits best. That's relatively easy too.

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    Hi prime,

    would that work for email accounts as well?

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    I can't say... I'd need more information about your setup. If you're on a server with a control panel, you can normally backup everything and restore it on the new system.

    But basically, email accounts usually work with system wide user accounts (if you're not in a control panel or webmail environment), so all accounts could have to be recreated on the new system. When that's done, the DNS entries would have to be updated, ideally to add another MX entry (Mail Exchange) with a lower priority than the 1st one (so it would be used first). The old mail server would then send its mail to the 1st one I guess, and could then be taken off line.

    You should check the web sites or discussion groups for the SMTP servers you're using. They'd probably have more informations. But that's a very basic explanation of what needs to be done. Maybe someone else will have a better idea.

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