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    Question Still the need/demand for 10mbps servers/colo?

    Well guys, I want to know what people think. With a few hosts (fdc servers for example) selling unmetered lines, which really aren't quite as unmetered as you'd like to think, and the vast majority of WHT bound hosts overselling like theres no tomorrow with 500 > 2,000 gb packages, is there still any demand for 10mbps unmetered servers. What about 10mbps unmetered colocation (single servers), or 10mbps unmetered colocation (multiple servers). Lets get some honest opinion here, with being able to get 1000gb for $99/mo in half the places around here, would *you* purchase a 10mbps link that would doubtlessly a little more, or just a few 1tb servers?

    Specify what contributes to this decision, I'm curious in many ways, as we've never been into the overselling game, and I'm wondering how customers tick nowdays (eg. do you fear getting cut off like an end user webhost overselling space, etc.)

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    Personally, I have never had a shared server push more than 400 gigs/month and even with that amount, the server has at least 2 processors, multiple gigs of ram and multiple hard drive.

    So when a provider offers 1000 gigs/month or 2000/gigs a month for only $99, that does not mean anything more to me than 500 gigs/month or 600 gigs/month. When purchasing dedicated servers, we look more for name-branded hardware and quick support.

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