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    Unique Hosting Site [MUST GO!]

    Unfortunately all previous deal fell through, and I really need to shift the work I've done on my website asap


    I'm not looking for much now, I need to cut my losses on this project quickly, paypal offer of about $50 will get this site.

    I will STILL complete the site should anyone be interested, however I fail to see the point in doing this until I receive specifications on how they would like it to be finalised.

    Fastest way to contact me is via email or msn, both [email protected]

    I apologise if you have seen this advertised before, however I really do need to sell this today, and I'm open to offers.

    Comes with
    - Complete ownership and rights to the design
    - PSD'S,
    - 3ds files,
    - Flash Files



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    That's quite a site to sell for only $50.

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    Yes, although still no offers as yet.

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    Rather strange turn of events, Investment I was counting on weeks ago has just arrived, hence I no longer need to sell the template to recoup my losses.

    So in effect, I am buying back my own template. Apologies to the two interested parties.

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