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    Adsense on more than one site?

    If you have an adsense account, can you add the scripts to all of the sites you own? I tried to find out from their site, but could not. I dont want to apply for another account, rather have it all in one check

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    It's right on their FAQ page

    4. Can I show ads on more than one site?

    Yes, and you don't even have to let us know because we'll automatically detect new sites that contain the AdSense ad code. The HTML code we provide you with is valid for any page in any site on which you want to display AdWords ads. However, you may only place the AdSense ad code on sites that comply with our program policies and that you own or are legally authorized to act on behalf of for the purposes of Google AdSense. We also monitor all sites in AdSense to ensure that all pages displaying AdWords ads comply with our program policies.
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    Thank you, that is what i thought just wanted to make sure

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