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    Password Protected Directories...?

    Hi all.

    Not too sure where I should be posting this question so moderators, please feel free to move where appropriate.

    I am looking to password protect one of my directories using cpanel's Password Protected Directories option. I have successfully done the same but I just wanted to know if this is easy to hack or not.

    It seems quite fire-proof but there will be around 20gigs of content so I need to make sure not everyone can access it unless I give my permission. Also, is the content in this password protected directory also safe from hotlinking.

    For example, if I give someone access to the area and they decided to hotlink some of the content will it simply ask for login details or will the content appear at the hotlinked place?

    Cheers - Dav
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    I just need to know if I need to .htaccess the directory or is there no need as the directory is password protected?

    Cheers - Dav
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    Do an .htaccess on the top most directory that you want protected for hotlinking, and anything under that will be covered nicely.

    If you want roaming members to access that, you'll also need to implement an .htpasswd file, as well.

    Search on, there's a CGI and PHP version that will do what you want.
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    It would ask for login details unless they include login data ( user/pass) with the url as well.
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    Thats great guys,

    So overall it would be good to do an .htaccess page to protect the directory but it is also good to know that a username and password is needed to access the content initially.

    Cheers guys - Dav
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