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    Question Can access my C-Panel, but not my websites

    Hi All,

    It seems my host has been down for several hours today. My sites, and even the hosting companies site is unavailable, yet I can access my C-Panel page and do all the normal stuff there.

    What are some likely causes for this to occur?

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    Its helpful if you can provide a domain in order to ping or traceroute it. Since you can access your Cpanel but not your website, could be due to Apache webserver being down. Are your mailservers working fine? Sometimes even Apache is up and running but one of the hard drives or /tmp partition of the server is running out of space. These are the 3 possible reasons.

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    I can't traceroute or ping my websites, I don't use the mail server provisions of my website either.

    Checking the server status page on C-Panel shows plenty of drive space, and everything is working except bind which has failed.

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    Then that's your problem then... When bind is down, your sites would be unresolvable.

    Only your host can resolve it. Contact them.
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