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    Angry this is a scam, beware!

    mainly for UK top level domain owners:

    here's their site, note the same address:

    they want to charge myself and others 60 for a domain (usually top level eg not .uk) that should cost you less then 20 for two years. none of the contact numbers work and not many UK companies host their sites in China unless they have something to hide!

    tell your friends!
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    I'm sure this guy got busted a few weeks ago - there were certainly some news articles about this scammer.

    You might want to report it to Cambs Police as I'm sure there is an ongoing investigation against the owners of this company.
    Some contact details for them can be found here:

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    yep, anything you get from scumbag weasleboy needs to be fwded to the police and trading standards - they're amassing yet more information to prosecute *again* about.
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