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    Search Engines and shared IP address

    Lets say that my site only needs maximum 10MB of space to run and max. bandwidth of 10Gb /month.

    I am sure everybody agree that a dedicated server for my site would be an unnecessary expense.

    But my main problem here is search engines. I have read somewhere around these forums that shared IPs are not the favourites of the search engines.

    I want your views on it. Are there any solutions that can be eficient for my relatively small website?


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    Most of the time if not all of the time you are on shared hosting you are sharing an IP address, I was on a shared host for a while and had no problems with search engines. The use DNS to get to your site, I do not see how sharing an IP would matter.

    Any further info you would have would be helpful.

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    Thanks Ras

    What you say is too good to be truth.

    What if a user of a shared server gets banned by search engines? Will the Rest of the users who share that IP get banned as well?


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    First of all, almost all shared hosting now uses shared IP. So I doubt seriously the validity of such wife's tale. The truth is, nobody really knows their exact ranking algorithms.

    That said, if it is so important, buy a dedicated IP. Most hosts will be willing to allow you to buy a dedicated IP for a certain price monthly (just a couple of dollars probably).
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    Hi AlexP
    Believe what you will however a shared IP has absolutely no effect on your search engine standings and the fact that a site sharing the same IP as yours gets band will have no effect either.

    As sprintserve says, it is just a wife's tale conjured up to sell IP's when they were abundant and it still hasn't died yet.
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    According my knowledge, shared IP does not affect on searchengine ranking.

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    As sprintserve said, if that is really that important to you. Buy one.
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    Maybe you can find some more answers at
    AFAIK you're generally safe with the search engines with a shared IP. There are just too many websites on shared IPs and the search engines know this very well.

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    Search engines used to ban IPs in the days before shared hosting but now they will only ban on a per name basis.
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    Everybody seem to agree on one thing, which makes me happy.

    Thanks for your replies guys.

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