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    what would you do?


    I have this reseller with 2 large sites. They're within bandwidth and space limitations but together his resold accounts take up more than 50% of the cpu and memory bogging down the server. Should I get rid of him and tell him to go somewhere else?

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    If he isn't breaking any rules I don't think you should. Update your TOS / AUP so that it clearly states you can terminate accounts if they use to many resources, this way you can kick him off.

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    You should have a clause in your TOS that allows you to handle such situations. A good TOS would mention something along the lines of "accounts severely affecting the performance of other customers may be subject for review" etc. Your TOS should also allow you to change your service agreement with your customers.

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    Try to upsell him to a dedicated server, explain fact one is his sites are busy, and that may or may not be good. I would offer options 1 and 2, streamline efficiency (less likely) or get a dedicated server from you. Be very helpfull about it and be concerned. Remind him that this affects all customers and his also, so his other sites are also suffering as a result of the resource hog ones...

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    Greetings Hosito:

    Great answer.

    While our parent company has a CPU clause in its AUP, it does leave room for intreptation (which is a double edge sword).

    However, our sales department uses those opportunities to upsell the client to a completely managed VPS or a dedicated server with some management options.

    Over the years, this has added up to a decent amount of revenue increase; and most of 2003's sales involved upgrades.

    Thank you.
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    I think there are a few missing points that need clarification.

    How big is the Reseller account?

    What are the server specs?

    I notice you have Reseller accounts that allocate up to 130 gigs. If he has one of those I don't believe it's inconceivable for him to use 50% resources, especially if you have him on something like a P4 with 512 RAM.

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