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    Would you want to be hosted on this server?

    Had a new customer having trouble getting some scripts to run so he sent this in a ticket as the config his current host was running.

    General server information:
    Operating system Linux
    Kernel version 2.4.18-17.7.x
    Apache version 1.3.27 (Unix)
    PERL version 5.6.1
    Path to PERL /usr/bin/perl
    Path to sendmail /usr/sbin/sendmail
    Installed Perl Modules Click to View
    PHP version 4.3.2
    MySQL version 4.0.18-standard
    cPanel Build 8.5.3-STABLE 3
    Theme cPanel X v2.2.5=20

    I am amazed that there are web host that do not update software. .

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    Be very surprise. A lot don't. Not all hosts do at least. I remember the shared hosting I used to have. The software is several years old.

    I also have a recent client who is still running RH 6.2 and haven't upgraded anything in 2 years.
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    Well going from that I guess there is at least 1 remote exploit and 2-3 local

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    I've seen it lots of times, and most the time those clients (that come from outdated servers) have the most trouble setting thier sites up on my servers.
    Heck I had one client come from cPanel 4x and the server had old old old versions of all the software like apache, mysql etc.
    It is rather pathetic to see!!

    Personally I feel you don't know how to keep up on updates, you have no place runnig a web hosting business and putting clients sites at risk.


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    Some folks think they will never get hit, until they do. Some even after they get hit, they still take risks, it is amazing.

    I have seen a live 5.1 redhat running with an old BIND version 8 and Apache/1.3.26. I feel sorry for the guy who has it, he thinks it is a safe server (it is not, just somehow tremendously lucky no one has spotted it yet).

    Oh well...
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    The only positive there is the CPanel build, they avoided all the recent headaches....

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