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    Warning: NEW hosting needed!

    This is my first post on this forum.

    I have been experiencing many problems with I mistakingly purchased the "lifetime" hosting option of the economy plan for $165 I believe. This was after using their yearly service for a good while, and not having too many problems. The support was always terrible, but my site was generally working. Lately, though, my site and my email have seemed to be DOWN more than they have been UP. Customer support inquiries NEVER seems to be answered, and I am left wondering what to do. Worst of all, instead of my website being down, now, everything seems to be RESET. Going to my website,, merely brings up a Welcome Site/User Administrator. My FTP access connects, yet the password is invalid. My email connects, yet somehow the account doesn't exist any more. Everything was reset. I have received no warning so I could backup... nothing. I have transferred this website to my business website, for people to view, at

    In short, is a TERRIBLE web hosting company, not only because of their 100% lack of support (trust me, there is NONE), but also because their uptime is about equal to their downtime - which is never a good thing. PLEASE AVOID THEM.

    I have been reading a lot on these forums and obviously now realize that "pay for life" hosting is not a good idea, but I'm still interested in paying very low amounts per month. If someone could help me out with some recommended hosting, here are the sort of things I desire:
    - 100-500 MB storage
    - 1-5 Gigs Transfer/Month
    - Reliable uptime record, web and email
    - Technical support where I can hear someone's voice (i.e. they have a phone number that's legit!)
    - the hardest part to find.... a truely low cost. $2-4/month, preferrable. This may be asking too much, but I'm hoping it's not.

    Thanks for your time guys, and hey, at least I've learned my lesson.

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    I think you'll be able to find such shared web hosting plans - try to use WebHostingTalk search or web hosting directory's search.

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    Anyone else???

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    You may want to submit your request at There are many reputable hosts that get back to you according to your needs and can be your next home. Hope it helps.

    Amir Golestan
    Amir Golestan
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    Thanks alot Amir. I have actually already done that, with no responses as of yet. We'll see though! :-)

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    Just my 2 cents but if you want a reliable host you'll need to up your budget a bit. Average going rate is $1 per gig of bandwidth so for 5 gigs transfer you should be looking for a host charging at least $5/month for it (if not more).

    Also, if you want actual phone support you'll probably need to pay twice that much for it since companies that offer phone support need to charge more to cover the costs.

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    Maybe and can be of some help...

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    Most of what you want is achievable at that price, BUT ....

    I agree with xAngelx, that your need for telephone support would push you well out of your quoted price range. When you do the numbers on the costs of telephone support, it just doesn't add up for hosting plans in that price range.

    However, one of the things to look for is a variety of methods, of contacting the host when needed. Email is a starting point, but do they also provide a ticket system, or support forum. If yes, are these systems hosted on a separate server to client accounts?

    Do they provide any form of instant messaging service? Is it possible to SMS them? and yes do they provide a telephone number? IF they do, is it TOLL free, or will you need to pay for a long distance phone call?

    TOLL FREE telephone support will push you even further out of your price bracket. If you find a host that offers you all of that, and 4-5 GB of bandwidth for less than $4 per month, I predict that you will end up with a similar experience as you have with your previous host.

    1st Rule of Host shopping. Be willing to pay a price that will allow your host to be profitable, and therefore still around in a year or two time. Break this rule at your own peril.
    Kerry Slavin
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    Toll free numbers are not nearly as expensive as they used to be. While I agree that you will need to be closer to $5 a month (or more) for what you are asking I don't think you'll need to go much above that to get the quality of support you're looking for.

    There were some good directories mentioned for you to check out, being one of them...

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    I also have a bad experience with worldwebhosters. I sign up a reseller package with them. Everything was fine until problem arise. My client was unable to send outgoing mail through the horde webmail interface. Run through a check and found out that the mail was not authenticated as we can send it through outlook. But do any of you guys know how to have the outgoing mail authenticated through the use of horde webmail ?
    I tried a dozen emails to worldwebhosters and the only reply i got from them is that they told me was that the problem was resolve long ago. Heck no !!! The problem is still there and bugging all the users.

    Is there anyone who can help ?

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    For most people phone tech support is the best. Yes you have tickets and stuff to keep things in order but all in all, sometimes a short phone call can fix an issue way faster than a ticket system.
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