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    cpanal - do not display modules

    I'm thinking about setting up some sites on a reseller account and have a couple ?'s. My target audience is businesses that have no idea about web hosting and I only sell my word of mouth & direct demo/face to face. I have three clients that are ready to sign on, but I just need to make the commitment. I want to create their site with cms's and then train them on how to use the cms. These people don't want to learn to about ftp, mysql, php or even complex html. I would rather them not need to see cpanal exccept they might need to see their mail manager and stats. Is there a way to disable or 'make invisible' sections of the cpanal? I know you guys are saying, 'just let them see the whole think and they can learn it'. but these people don't care about the cpanal and I am afraid they will screw up their site. I am able to charge a premium ($25+/mo for a very,very basic plan) for their lack of knowledge, so less options are better, but I don't want them to get a call everytime they want to add an email address. The open source applications that I will install for them will allow them to do what they want to do - update their website without buying frontpage or learning ftp & html. Am I ripping them off? No I target businesses that have this need and then fill that need with a sollution that is an upgrade over their current site. Any Ideas?

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    To answer your questions:

    You can create your own scripts to do the same email modifications that you can do in the Mail Manager

    You can also make stats available outside of the cPanel if needed. You should ask the company that you will be reselling for if they will do this for you.

    One last note is that you could also turn off all the other features of cPanel except for these two. Another nice touch would be to edit the themeball to be a bit user friendly and personalized for your own business.
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    Use the Mail Only theme.

    Or disable the features you do not want using feature manager.

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