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    Question Ownership of posts on a web forum - who owns it?

    Who technically owns the copyrights of posts made in an internet forum? For instance, in this actual post that I'm writing, do I own this post, or does own it?

    If Webhostingtalk "owns" it, then I assume that they can use my post in any manner and even sell it without my permission.

    Thanks to anybody who can educate me on this
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    Not you....

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    Re: Ownership of posts on a web forum - who owns it?

    Originally posted by ChowSumDung
    If Webhostingtalk "owns" it, then I assume that they can use my post in any manner and even sell it without my permission.
    They don't even need to sell it.

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    I know that in many places posts are owned by the poster.
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    More like the siteowner.

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    Look at the recent litigation attempt by CIHost against WHT for posts that were made by users here. They were not successful.

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    The author of the post retains ALL copyrights to his posts unless they gave them up in the Term & Conditions
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    Not a lawyer, and I don't know. But I believe the only thing protected by copyright, is the creative part. Facts aren't protected.
    If that's true if you post your autobiography or a poem you wrote, somebody, would be protected.

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    the copyright has to stay with the poster, normally in the Faq there is a big bit about the thread/posts being the views of the poster and the site having nothing to do with it (or words to that effect), so if the message board assumes copyright of the post they also assume liability in the event it is defamatory or libalous, which i doubt even WHT is willing to do, and as you still own the copyright of your original post (so long as it is original it is yours) the message board (unless stated in its terms) has no right to reproduce it anywhere else but the original place...

    and on a side note they must remove it when you ask them to...

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    Two good sources of information on US Internet law:
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    The copyright belongs to the creator of an original piece of work. I agree with Trifolic normally there is a section in the t&c which deals with copyright. For example there might be a term which you agree to when posting that licences the forum owner to use your copyrighted material.

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    I think its depends on what is in the TOS when you registered.
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