I have a few sites hosted with easyspace (i know i know!)

Anyways, for a site i made i registered the business hosting package which consisted of 200mb of webspace, mysql database and all the usual gubbins yeh.

Well the domain this webspace and sql database belonged to wasn't being used after a while yet the sql database and webspace still had half a year to go, so what i did was register another domain and used easyspaces "web linking" service to use the webspace, and sql services on the old site.

Now, without warning, my contract has run out on the old site address. However the contract hasn't run out on the SQL database.

To cut a long story short, i have a sql database at mysql.halflifeforum.com which is still active, however the domain was suspended, so i can't get to it.

Now i'm assuming that the database is still active, and is told to respond to the mysql.halflifeforum.com address, so i thought what i could do is edit the hosts file on my windows machine and just put in the IP of Easyspaces mysql server and it should be no problem.

Trouble is i don't know the IP of Easyspaces mysql servers.

Does anyone know what the IP is/are?