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    Eternal Realm


    I would like some comments/suggestions on my website Eternal Realm. Really its a forum, but anyway.

    Right its hosted at Invisionfree but i have a domain name and webhosting inorder for my forum to be transferred, giving it more options and better features



    Sorry didn't know the 5 post rule so i'll post the link later


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    Sorry for the double post but it wouldn't allow me to edit my post again

    The url is =>


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    Basically, I like the background colour.

    The header just doesn't cut it, its too amateur styled and the grey sides don't really help either. The beveled text with the default drop shadow really clashes with the header. IMO the site doesn't have a proper focal point, so my eyes were wondering and I couldn't really focus on any one thing.

    I really don't want to come off like a jerk but this is the only way people's graphic skills will improve, through critiquing.

    Wish you the best of luck!

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    No, it's ok. It's better when people are more honest so that I know what people really think

    It's hard to do alot to a site with no FTP access and a free host, but Eternal Realm, as i said in my first post, will be moving soon to an actual host so then i can do more to improve its feel, look and so on.

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