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    OMG! My turn to be CPU Load 1000!!!!


    I can't imagine how the CPU will be like..... it shows CPU Load at 1000, and the processes get up to 2500+

    Well currently is offpeak hours, and is showing 1000CPU load is very rare, so i went in and take a look what is loading so high..

    Answer: NOTHING! only the Mailnull looks aweful in ps has a whole list of mailnull

    So i stopped mysql, apache and exim..still no hopes

    any ideas?


    P4 2.8GC (800FSB) still cannot fix the HT problem
    1GB Dual Channel Ram
    120GB Harddisk
    Fedora 1
    2.4.22 SMP kernel


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    tail -f /var/log/exim_mainlog (if you can with that load)

    If not, (assuming this is cpanel)

    service chkservd stop

    killall -9 exim (probably several times before it actually gets them all)


    tail -200 /var/log/exim_mainlog |more

    That should give some idea of what's going on.

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    i'v got a same problem . It was very stranger . It was kernel SMP box and it come back to normal when i recompile kernel .

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    If you see a lot of mail processes, someone is either

    1. Sending massive bulk emails (most probably spam)
    2. You are receiving a lot of emails at the same time. We had seen this issue before when someone did a joe's job on one of our clients.

    Follow what Andrew suggested and see what's in the log.
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