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    * Looking for a gossamer sql and gossamer mail script


    I am would like to buy a gossamer links sql and/or gossamer mail license.

    Please send me a PM or post your offer here.

    Many thanks,


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    Re: Looking for a gossamer sql and gossamer mail script


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    look on the gossamer thread forums. sometimes you can find deals there

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    I had a look but I thought it would be easier using the webhostingtalk forum instead as it is more organised and it does have a dedicated 'offers and request' thread.

    Please post any offers that you might have as I am looking at buying the links sql program within the next week and I rather buy a 'second-hand' one so that I can save some money.

    I would get a 20% discount if I buy a new license from Gossamer direct as I have a license for LINKS 2 already.

    Offers Please.................

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    Seems to me that I have to use the upgrade from LINKS2 to Links sql option instead of buying a 'second-hand' license.

    At least I will get 20% off the price.

    No replies at all -

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    Any offers before I buy the license direct from Gossamer???

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    Thumbs up WANTED - Gossamer Links Sql license - willing to pay MAX US$ 350

    Looking to buy a gossamer links sql license for a max of US$350 .

    I will have to confirm with gossamer that the person selling has the license before paying.

    This is my final request in this forum for the license. If no success - then I have to buy it from Gossamer next week.


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