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    [Sale] Unique template / Custom server models

    Sale never went through with the original contest holder, Hosting-Unit. Anyways, this was made uniquely for his contest at with custom modeled servers.


    - .PSD
    - Fonts
    - Exclusive rights
    - Subpage, Logo, Customization (we'll talk regarding these)

    Starting bids at $150 or anyone that has a reasonable offer (PayPal). If interested, contact me for a large size preview of quality / servers / etc.

    Once again.

    Thank you,

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    Anybody interested? Remember it's just a front page template. Subpage / customizations can be done. Also let me know if you would like a full size preview.


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    No offers at all?

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    PM me the details on the full front page picture. I might be interested.

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