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    Smile e-mail help please

    I just bought a resellers account but when i create my domain name for there space it all works perfect except the e-mails i auto config them to outllok express was just woundering if anybody can tell me how to get them to send and recieve all emails couse it just wont recieve them from likes of yahoo or hotmail only recieves domain name e-mails but cant reply to domain names couse it says its sent but the other person doesnt get it in there inbox. please can you please help please thanks..

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    What is your problem? I had where I couldn't send mail with Outlook, is that what you mean, you can only receive?

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    yes i cant send any e-mails from outlook and i cant recieve e-mails from yahoo or hotmail or domain names neither. can you help me plz?

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    I done everything you said to do still doesnt work my hosting gave me an e-mail from him to use that works but every account i create they can ony recieve mail from domain names not yahoo or hotmail and they cant recieve mail from yahoo or hotmail or domain names.?

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    you can send but not receive?correct?
    maybe name is not fully resolved yet how long has domain name been pointed at name servers?

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    I cant do neither from my inetuk account's or my clients cant send e-mails neither he can only recieve e-mails from domain names only. I cant figure out the problem....

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    I think you would have better luck dealing with your host on this.

    How long has the domain been registered?
    Can you send and receive via webmail?

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    the domain has been registered for about near 3 weeks now and it doesnt work through webmail either?

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    Is the domain name on the servers?

    PM me the domain and I'll have alook

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    yes there linked to the server these are the address's and

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    well its something your host needs to work out for ya

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    Not sure what your asking?

    Are you saying that you created an email address in cPanel and the clicked auto config?

    If thats what your saying. Skip the auto confiq, and open up outlook and just create a new account.


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    Does your ISP (and your client's) block port 25 off of their network?

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