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    HTML # Command

    I am looking for information...(useage, syntax) on how to use the command in HTML where you can navigate farther down on a page.....

    For example /filename.html#Section 3

    and that will scroll the page down to section 3.....

    How do I specify where Section 3 is?

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    Put <a name="Section3"></a> in the spot of the page that you wish to navigate when clicking the link.

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    What your referring to is known as an "anchor tag".

    <a name="3"></a>
    Place the above html near your section 3. Then link to that html page with '#3' at the end to automatically drop down to that section.

    Hope that helps!

    -- Jacob

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    Hi ,

    If you want to navigate to different sections of your web page, use javascript to do so.

    Please have a look into this scripting tutorial page ......

    Here you can find one example of navigation to different sections ( same page). Hope you can get enough info from this URL:



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