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    Question WHT, Please Help: Former hosting provider hijacking domains for unpaid hosting fees

    It seems they claim we owe them over 300 dollars. Our domains are still valid, but they claim we didn't pay for them on their renewal date.

    This occured, when we sen't an email to support asking to have our contact information updated. We initiated the contact.

    We then said ok, please provide us with an invoice (when we were with them, they would create an invoice so that you can pay online with your credit card) so that we can submit payment for the domains we wish to keep.

    They then refused, stating that we had to submit monies for the entire 300 dollars before they would allow us to pay for the domain names.

    Isn't their some sort of ICANN regulation that hosting company cannot hijack domain registrations for unpaid hosting fees? The names are registered with INWW via a reseller.

    We've even checked our TOS/AUP and can find no mention where they have the right to seize ownership of a domain registered through them for unpaid hosting fees.

    Any advise is appreciated.

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    hmm, never seen such case, but you might want to contact their upper registrar and see what they might say.

    make sure you have a copy of their TOS/AUP so they dont change it and blame you later for not reading em.
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    Was the host the technical/admin contact as well? That's a big mistake under any circumstance.

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