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    Question Banner Question?

    I've got a car related forum which is getting somewhat popular. I'd like to start making a little money back from it.

    I contacted Google to see if I could use their ad service, but I was declined because some people curse on the forum.

    Are there any other ways to start making some advertising $? I'm not interested in pop up ads.. I could never do that to my members. I HATE that!

    Any suggestions? Any other forums that are more geared to these issues?

    Thanks for reading!

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    You could have people advertise on your site directly, without a 3rd party like Google or an advertising network. You can use the Offers forum at WHT, and post your site's URL and a link to your stats and see if anyone wants to advertise on your site.
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    or you could try I get some good commission from their banners.

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    Originally posted by L Wisener
    or you could try I get some good commission from their banners.
    Thanks for the tip! I just joined!

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