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    Question Game server colo/hosting experiences???


    I am reading here today about people who collocate servers at ISP's and some had good experiences while others bad. SOme networks had really horribly pings while others probably had better pings. Well, I have hosted game servers alot (like DoD, HL, TF/TF2, ctf, q3arena, doom3, and on and on) and found that the ONLY thing which REALLY makes any different with low PING is if the ISP uses something called "specail queuing."

    What I mean is like this. Alot of ISP's have 100megs to each collo box, and they use 1000megs or something to connect the switches all together. But sometimes they overselll to much and then you see HUGE pings for a while or maybe for a long while if there's way to much traffic to fit into the 1000megs pipes.

    Well, it doesn't have to do that (spikey/bad pings). No. The ISP I host at now uses something called "RED" on ALL their router ports!

    What this does is make it so that the pings don't get so spikey. I don't know how it really works but they tell me it makes all the traffic play more fair and keeps big spikes in traffic from happening. Now I DO know about quality of servise but this isn't the same thing. They don't limit how much I can use, but they make sure that other hosting people in their network don't PUSH too much data out all at once sort of like making sure all the web traffic doesn't try to go to fast. Anyway RED makes my pings REALLY REALLY LOW even when the other customers use up alot of their bandwidth or get big bursts of people visiting sites.

    If I could recommend anything it would be for you all to make sure your ISP's turn on RED or DEMAND your cash back!! It makes SUCH a difference! I don't host anywhere else than where I host now that the pings are always the same and don't change much. The players in the games seem to not care so much about always low pings but they DO seem to care ALOT about if the pings jumps up and down alot (cause it messes up the flow of the game!).

    Anyway, PLZ let me know what you all think of this and if you can have your hosters POST here to DEFEND why they don't run RED for all customers! There is no REASON not to!


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    What ISP needs to do is engneer its network correctly at which point it wont need to use RED (Random Early Drop) to do QoS. In fact, RED is _very_ bad for network traffic and if at any point network traffic profile changes, RED can absolutely positively make your life miserable. ISP proudly saying that they do RED, WRED or anything similiar are announcing to you "We have ****** network. We oversell. And while you pay us more money then the guy next to you, will will drop his packets on the floor first if we manage to correctly identify them."

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