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    Apache 1.3 vs 2.0

    Worth upgrading?

    Is it a good example of if it ain't broke don't fix it?

    I'm running Red Hat Enterprise 3.0 and cpanel 9.x

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    Unless there's a specific reason you need Apache 2.0, Apache 1.3.x works fine. Also, Apache 2.0 and PHP is still considered non-production status, although it seems to work well for many people.

    - John C.

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    Apache 2 is better because it's a proper threaded httpd, rather than Apache that uses fork().

    The only downside to Apache 2 is that not all add-on modules are production quality yet, and some may not work properly at all in all cases.

    For example, with PHP, you have to be careful what modules you build the PHP module with, as not all are fully re-entrant and won't work properly in a multi-threaded httpd.
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    I'll wait it out then. I'm in no hurry.. I just like having the latest and greatest

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    yea, i'd say if nothing is wrong, no use changing, a lot of people still use 1.3

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