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    DC user on dedicated box

    I was surveying a new dedicated server I just had setup and I've noticed that it looks like my server provider added a username in which I'm sure they use to login and make changes in the event I do something stupid or whatever the case may be.

    My question is, is this a common practice and should I be ok with this? or should I remove the user and give them a password only if/whem they need it?



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    We add in our own account as standard, purely from the point of view of being able to help debug any problems and provide support.. we then leave it up to the customer to decide if they wish to leave the account active or not.

    Up to you how you handle it really.
    Paul Civati
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    Yea it's always left up to the owner of the new machine. Might save your butt someday.. but if you do not want other techs doing stuff on your machine then get rid of it.

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    thanks for the comments guys. I'm deffinetly not doing anything mission critical on this box, so allowing them to have an account on there isnt to big of a deal to me. Mostly experimental...

    Its my first dedicated box, so I just wasnt sure how common it was to do this. By the sounds of it, seems fairly standard practice...

    thanks again,


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    Does it say anything about it in their T&Cs?
    Mark Castle
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