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    SM/TP Server Move?

    Anyone else get any emails about a server move from SM/TP? I have servers with both SM and TP so I'm not sure if this affects only one or the other.

    On Thursday March 25th, beginning at 12:01am CST (Thursday Morning), Planet Engineering will be performing work on equipment that will affect your server. We have scheduled 6 hours of time to move all servers, however the actual downtime you will experience should be no more than 15 minutes (the time it takes to shut the server down, move it, and power it back on). In order to facilitate this move, please make sure that the password information for the servers listed are updated in Orbit. Failure to update the password information could result in some data loss if an unclean shutdown is necessary. We apologize for any inconvenience this will cause.


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    Never got one of those (thankfully). If I were you, I'd plan on it affecting *both* to be safe.
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    I haven't gotten one either.

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    Never heard of any move

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    Me neither.

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    nothing here!

    maybe they dont like you ?
    yeah.. i'm useless!

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    Originally posted by phactor
    maybe they dont like you ?

    Nothing here either.
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