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    Alternative to dinix? I need one

    Hello. I recently had a very tight budget and went with .. OOPS! .... anyway, i have a budget of about 200/mo now. I had searched and decided on because they had internap bandwidth.. Nice pings and guarntees of no more than 24 seconds of downtime a month.. SOLD OUT!! >.< .....I am now looking at server matrix, ev1, etc.. I need good global connections. Heres what i need:

    Processor: anything not celeron
    Ram: 1024mb ram
    Hard drive: 20gb
    Transfer: 1000gb

    I need a network that's not under ddos constantly (
    Mabye you can help me? Thanks.

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    You could try Rackspace or *maybe* Burst (Depending on Uptime)

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    You're not going to get a $200.00 server at Rackspace although your downtime would be minimal with them. You could get a server for under $200 at Burst but then you would also get a network that consistently experiences significant amounts of downtime.

    Take a look at some of the current ServInt specials. You can get a fully managed server on a great network for $200.00...

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    GNAX seems decent. Whats your input on them?

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    Kinko: Gnax would be a good choice and so would liquidweb from what I hear.

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    GNAX it is.. thru rus at =P

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