Why to use www.site.pro.gr :

1. The best FREE solution for MANY internet uses
- You got a long affiliate URL you canĒt remember or you see that URLs that display affiliate links users donĒt click on them ?
- You got a URL with subdirectories and lot of characters from www.freewebspace.net or other FREE Web Hosting provider ?
- You want to change ISP and you care about the URL that will change when youĒll switch from his userĒs free area you host your pages to another place ?
- You want just ONE URL that you can use no matter what hosting service you will have ?
- You donĒt want or you canĒt afford to pay yearly fee for a domain name ?
- You like the idea of having a nice name but you canĒt find one like :
www.business.site.pro.gr, www.mp3.site.pro.gr , www.cars.site.pro.gr , www.links.site.pro.gr, www.ads.site.pro.gr, www.doctor.site.pro.gr ...

2. Easy to remember
A domain name ( www.yourname.site.pro.gr ) is Global Range PROfessional solution name easy to remember

3. High Speed , Great Uptime, Reliable Service
Hosted in High Speed , Stable and Reliable solution in the servers of 4CH (In "The Planet" Data Network )

4. URL cloaking (on or off)
URL cloaking keeps your site.pro.gr address in the address bar of your browser when your web site is accessed through its site.pro.gr address. People bookmarking your site will bookmark your www.yourname.site.pro.gr address, and search engines will index your site using your www.yourname.site.pro.gr address. Keyword and description meta tags can also be used with the URL cloaking option.

5. Path Forwarding
All URIs (for example, http://www.YourISP.com/john/ is the URL, the URI is /john/) can be forwarded, so if someone go to http://john.site.pro.gr/links.html they would be forwarded to John's links.html page.

6. Operation with or without the "www"
The domains you will choose will operate with or without the "www"
(for example you can use the : www.yourname.site.pro.gr or just the yourname.site.pro.gr they will both go to the main page of your site)

7. Totally FREE
We donĒt charge you for anything we give. You will not pay anything to use our services

8. 99% Site Acceptance
We accept nearly all the sites who submit for a SITE PRO domain name. We donĒt censor the content of your site

9. Usage of PRO.gr Registry Name
We managed to give you an address from the new upcoming Internet Domain Registry of PRO.gr / BIZ.gr which will be the next big internet domains registry in few months from now

10. Dynamic DNS
We offer dynamic DNS service. This service allows you to point the DNS for your site.pro.gr subdomain directly to your IP address, allowing you to have an easy to remember hostname that doesn't change each time you connect to the Internet.

Registering your new SITE PRO address is fast, easy, and, best of all, completely free. Your new SITE PRO address will be activated immediately upon registration, and you can modify it instantly at any time

Check also our 100% FREE services :

1. SITE PRO Website Rotator
With SITE PRO Website Rotator you can promote all your websites and referral URLs from one simple URL. Its simple, every time someone visits your SITE PRO URL he will be directed to one of your websites. When he comes back he will see a different website! and unlike other rotators, we do not limit the amount of URLs that you can rotate
You can use SP Rotator for all your affiliate links. We accept all the sites except these with popups, popunders or illegal content

2. SITE PRO Email (service provided from PRO/BIZ.gr Domain Names Registry & Everyone Network)
Everyone can get a 6MB account email account at the form of [email protected]

SITE PRO : FREE Domain / URL for your site & Unlimited Websites Rotator ( Click here : www.site.pro.gr )