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    Hosting Question

    When you have a web server that has several people on it, do all the user accounts each have there own ip address? I am sure that they must not. So when you enter in the server ip address to the DNS server how does the web server know which account to go to. (Say the server has Cpanel and WHM)

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    Usually they share the same IP address.

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    So how does the server know the web pages apart?

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    Apache virtual hosts
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    Each domain has a DNS Zone; this holds the information needed to view the site when it is called from a browser. The information includes the Nameservers (NS), the www and other subdomain entries (CNAME) and mail entry (MX ) required to receive email. Other entries can be added but those are the three most basic.
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    You are absolutely correct, on a webserver every user account doesn't have a seperate IP. The websites are hosted on a single IP and that's called Virtual Hosting.

    Virtual Hosting is off two types:
    1) IP Based
    2) Name Based

    Using Name Based Virtual Hosting many different hosts can share the same IP address

    For more details on Virtual Hosting. Please refer this good documentation.



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    Newbie Here

    I was looking into the virtual web hosting using Apache. I did start reading the documents about it and what commands need to be entered. I wanted to know where in Apache I actually go to set up the virtual web host. I have two family member that would like me to run two different websites and I would like to use the same server using the same IP. I know I will have to use the name based virtual host option. I am still new at this and I want to really understand how to go about running our webserver. I have a domain name using since we have a dynamic Ip address from our ISP provider. So I created it and we did set up the router to allow the port that it needs for port forwarding and access. I do have Apache 2.0.48 running for practice and was able to test one of webpages for testing purposes. Same as the original person that posted about the hosting question...I need another explanation from anybody that can help please?

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    I think because your using a router and NATing everying namevirtualhosting will not work you
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