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    Question Perl Script - Content-type text vs html

    I have apache running on Solaris and .pl scripts are allowed to run.

    When I put the following script in the main /usr/apache/cg-bin folder, it works.

    However, there is a twist to it ! and that is: if the "content-type " is "Text" it would not display the result rather starts downloading the file but if the the "content-type" is "html" it works perfectly fine.

    Similarly, if I put the same script with content type as html in users public_html/cgi-bin folder, it does the same : start downloading the file rather than displaying the result in browser.

    I am using IE 6. I have checked all the ownership, permissions on script itself and on the folder and they are the same.

    Any clues ??

    Here is the script :

    #!/usr/bin/perl a simple Perl CGI example

    #Note that we output two carriage returns after the
    #content type. This is very important as it marks
    #the end of the CGI "header" and the beginning of
    #the document to be sent to the browser.

    print "Content-type: text/html\n\n";
    # Output a proper HTML document, with <head>
    # and <body> tags. */

    print "<head>\n";
    print "<title>Hello, World</title>\n";
    print "</head>\n";
    print "<body>\n";
    print "<h1>Hello, World</h1>\n";
    print "</body>\n";


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    What is the print line you're using for the other content-type you're using?

    If you don't specify a valid or known content-type, it will attempt to download the results as opposed to displaying them.
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    Your browser decides whether to download or to display the page. Has nothing to do with Perl. Well, unless you are not specifying your content type correctly.

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    But it is a given that the browser will display text/html-typed pages. I would say that for some reason theres a predefined MIME type in apache for .pl files that overrides what you have printed out in the script. Just a guess.

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