iHostBox have a 20% off sale!

All our plans have 20% off regardless!

We have:
cPanel Hosting
Ensim Pro Hosting
cPanel Shared Servers

All of these have a whopping 20% off. For a limited time if you pay for a year we will include the registration of a domain (subject to availability) for the year of hosting you purchase with us.

Visit http://www.ihostbox.net for more information! If you email us we can make a custom package up for you as we're currently developing our custom package designer.

For any more information please email: [email protected]

Our plans with the 20% deducted are:


Plan: Budget
Space 500MB
Transfer 5GB
Cost 3.00/mo

Plan: Basic
Space 1GB
Transfer 10GB
Cost 6.00/mo

Plan: Intermediate
Space 2GB
Transfer 20GB
Cost 12/mo

Plan: Advance
Space 3GB
Transfer 30GB
Cost 18/mo

Ensim Pro:

Space 500MB
Transfer 10GB
Cost 4.00/mo

Space 3GB
Transfer 20GB
Cost 14.40/mo

Space 5GB
Transfer 100GB
Cost 32/mo

Shared cPanel Hosting:

2.4ghz Pentium 4
2X120Gig 7,200 RPM Hard Drives with 8MB Cache (Raid)
Nightly Backups
Reseller Control Panel
cPanel/Web Host Manager
400GB Transfer/month
120gb space
2 IP addresses

For More Information Visit http://www.iHostBox.net