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    Windows Hosting Offers?

    I am opening up my own web design shop. Because I use Microsoft Access, I would like to provide a “managed” hosting service for my clients through shared windows hosting. Also, because each client has a separate domain name for their website, I need a hosting service that allows for add-on domains. Right now, I will need a service with enough bandwidth to support between 5-10 rather small websites (most of them will be static sites). Below are all the services that I will need. Does anyone have any suggestions? I am open to anything. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Add-On Domains (Free if possible)
    Control Panel (HELM, H-Sphere, etc)
    Support for ColdFusion MX
    Between $15-$30 per month.
    And most importantly…good I.T. support

    I am considering going with:,, or

    Also, has great prices, but I have heard some bad things about them. Does anyone have any past experiences with any of them…good or bad? Thanks.

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    I use, it is $35 for 2.5gb space and 30 gb transfer
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