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Thread: gladhost down ?

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    Question gladhost down ?

    i host my site to them, i cant either connect my site and gladhost
    i use alertra and got this result

    03/17/2004 15:55:26 Los Angeles USA Unable to resolve na N/A 10.04
    03/17/2004 15:55:36 Detroit USA Unable to resolve na N/A 20.05
    03/17/2004 15:55:37 Frankfurt GERMANY Unable to resolve na N/A 20.06

    what is that mean ? their server is down or any other problem ?

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    it's been two hours
    i hope April is busy to fix the problem ....

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    I am looking at hosting with Gladhost, but not until I hear of a resolution to/explanation for this outage...

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    They seem extremly cheap. Usually, you just get what you pay for.

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    Our server time is very good

    Originally posted by AlainG3
    it's been two hours
    i hope April is busy to fix the problem ....
    Dear Sir,

    We have explained the reason for this outage already. One of the user upload a script that over kill the CPU and Memory. The server crashed. Script was confiscated. Everybody is happy.

    We are cheap but our customers will walk away with satisfaction and happiness knowing that April, the lady of Gladhost, is here to tuck them in during the night.

    April, The Lady of Gladhost

    Thank you

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    okey i am so late to answer you responds
    basically i have no more issues about your service..
    you have been great so far ..

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    gladhost down again

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    Down from Central US as well.

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    In Europe, last night they're down 4 hours, and then it works, i went to bed, when i woke up this moring, i found they're down again, i dont know how long exactly ....

    i hate when this is happen without any explanation, although i already proposed mailing list system, in case there is a problem with server, we can say something to our user ..... ..

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    counting 6 hours for 2nd outages
    total 10 hours with the 1st outages
    bad bad sign ...
    no single word from gladhost ....

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    Does anyone know what data center gladhost uses. This could be another contact. Ezhostplace was shutdown temporarily because of an Ebay scam. Clients started going to the data center for answers.

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    I think their datacenter at, i remember gladhost using this description for their datacenter description.

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    12 hours (maybe more) and counting ...

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    Unhappy gladhost down again

    well its 10:30am here in NY and gladhost seems to be down once again. Gladhost has an uptime now every user shoudl be getting there "free month". Whatever teh problem is needs to be fixed. The support is friendly when u receive it, but when your site + is down, your left with nothing. I hope they fix w/e the problem is soon or many customers may move away from gladhost with the constant being one of them.

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    Look's like its time for you folks to quit spending your time posting on WHT about them being down and finding a more stable host with better support.

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    Originally posted by AlainG3
    12 hours (maybe more) and counting ...

    A couple of spammers kept on signing up and constantly crash the server. Spammers had been removed. All account will be manually activated.


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