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    Whois, cloaking, ICANN rules etc


    Appreciate suggestions on a vaguely unique situation please.

    I run a very busy public bulletin board (forum) for former followers of a cult (new religious movement). Currently the forum is on a free forum software hosting company (anyboard) but due to the slowness of that host and lack of support it is time to go to a dedicated paid plan.


    The actual cult, for reasons that should be pretty obvious, are continually on the look out for opportunities of closing me down.

    So I am looking for suggestions that generally meet the following conditions:

    1. Staying totally within ICANN rules

    2. A hosting plan that gives me a reasonable space (say over 500mb) and high bandwidth (say over 30 gb pm). I am inclined towards

    3. Registration of a domain name where whois info is not seen (similar to GoDaddy's domainsbyproxy service) but where the registrar would not "cave in" at the first sight of a "legal letter" arriving from the cult.

    4. Maybe an URL cloaking (and forwarding?) service that further obscures my actual details.

    5. A backup plan if things go wrong. I have no problem giving up a particular domain name and starting with another. If necessary I can easily advise all my users what new domain they should head to. Similarly I would not have a problem moving hosts but more reluctant to go down that route.

    6. Costs, within reason, is not a problem. My major wish is to retain anonymity whilst staying within ICANN (and other) rules.

    Many thanks


    London UK

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    where ever you host and something goes wrong even if you get dedicated server they can shut you down incase something goes wrong.

    but something like hosting it at south africa like the old with country domain might save you

    back to the subject, most of the time you wont face problems
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    Thanks for your reply.

    Yeah I agree there is no guarantee of anything and I recognise I could be closed down. The main thing I am trying to achieve is to minimise the chances of that. But if it happens, well then so be it - I would simply restore backups I have and start elsewhere. But that would be a pain and I want to try and avoid that.

    I'm not sure I understand how the South African thing works. Could you explain a bit more please - or give me some relevant links so I can do some more research.


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    I don't know where you are based, but have you considered registering a domain under .uk? The .uk registry allows private individuals (but not companies) to opt out of the Whois, under the terms of UK Data Protection Laws. The only thing that appears in the Whois is your name - but no contact details.

    Oh - nearly forgot: You don't have to be based in the UK to register your domain here.

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    157 will protect your whois data for a small fee but it won't stop them finding out who you are hosted with as you can see if you run my domain by this tool: and look down the bottom of the page.

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    Re: Whois, cloaking, ICANN rules etc

    Originally posted by alexbrookes

    2. A hosting plan that gives me a reasonable space (say over 500mb) and high bandwidth (say over 30 gb pm). I am inclined towards
    I've heard good things about lunarpages on this board so it's always worth calling them / dropping sales a line and discussing your problems in advance. You might wanna also discuss with them some of the methods this cult has used in the past to get you offline.

    You could always try my host aswell, they offer what you are asking for and are really competetive. I've been with them a year and I'm really pleased with them.

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    1,769 is available to register.

    Perhaps a new demographic has emerged, and somebody will start a company based on it.

    Good luck Alex!

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