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    Vital Questions!


    I am starting my webhosting site soon. I have the site finished, but although I have collated more than enough knowledge to start now, I was after some professional advise, aka the good people of WHT.

    I have purchased a whm autopilot license basically to wait for version 3 however I have heard it may be until the end of May to the middle of June before we see version 3. This is a real pity as I wanted to start the site using Version 3 of whmap as I'm not to keen on V2. So would anyone reccomend Modernbill? I can afford it but is it the better script?

    The second thing is a payment processor. What in your opinion is the best to use? The most important thing is I want a system that will easily bill the client monthly, automatically. As I am charging on a monthly basis for my services. I cant afford WorldPay but any others I would like your advise on.

    Thanks for your time,


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    I am in the same boat as you (and you wondered who was snoring from the life raft).

    I going to get WHM 2 as the upgrade to 3 is free. Client Exec may be another option for you if you don't want to wait.
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    I prefer Modernbill, it's complicated script, but it can do just about anything you cold possibly want.

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    Screw outside scripts, internal custom scripts are where it's at

    By the way, when you said web hosting site...that made me a tad worried, hopefully you know there's a lot more to running a business than the site?

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    PayPal is a good payment processor. I use PHP Coin for hosting management and it is free at but I am starting to hate it and I think I will switch to Modernbill or Whois.Cart sometime if the future.

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    I heard several different opinions about Whoiscart. I am not sure if it really meets your needs. On the other side - I would be careful waiting for a script release. What if it gets delayed another 3 months.
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    Modernbill is the best. I highly recommend it

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    ModernBill sucks. Stick with WHMAP.
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