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    Like but with MY domain ?


    I use so that I can always access my home PC (Terminal Server) wherever I am. If i'm at work, or at a client"s place, will always point to my home PC ... easy.

    But Is it possible to do the same with ? What's so different with dyndns's DNS system that makes it's entries expire so often (so that the entire internet always have a fresh copy of it) ?

    My host is running cPanel, can I create such entry in cPanel or WHM ? ??

    I can handle the programming part that will update the IP , but how long will it take to propagate ?

    Thanks !

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    Just to clarify a little bit, I do NOT want to point to my home PC,, etc will point to my server (or should I say my account on a server) in a datacenter.

    What I want is to add a custom record to DNS so that points to my home pc, and this IP is dynamic, I must be able to update it and have iot to propagate quickly...

    Thanks !

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    Final touch the IP is not "too" dynamic, it changes every week or so ... but NOT every hour !


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    There's some software that will do the tricks...

    just can't remember the name..

    lookup on sourceforge I guess..

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    This service is available from, though their free service is limited to 1 domain and a certain number of DNS lookups.

    I've heard that enom also offer a similar service though haven't checked personally.

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    I think the author is asking how exactly he can offer a service like What software do they have that he doesn't, that enables them to offer such a service?
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    The tricks is to set a low TTL on the record (TimeToLive). That way the record(sub-domain) can't be cached for long on any remote DNS.


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    Thanks json, this is what I finally found out, and tried, and it works great !!!

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    Another possibility is, to set a CNAME record of your domain towards the DynDNS domain ...
    Just an idea


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    This service is included and completely free at Sitelutions (

    You can set and to go to your web site, and to be a dynamically updated, dynamic DNS A record pointing to your home PC.

    This is all available free of charge.

    Note: I'm the team lead at Sitelutions, so if mods see this as an ad for Sitelutions, please remove... though this is a FREE service, so I don't seek to profit by posting this here :-). Just thought it'd be helpful.

    Sitelutions: -- Reliable Hosting, Low-Cost Domains, Dynamic DNS
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