Ok, I am the admin of Aqua - Host

We have been busy this month, setting every thing up, working on the site ect.

Our target for opening date is April 1st.

we would like to hire some support staff.

For this you get a free hosting package, (depending on how much you can do) until you leave.

You need to know a lot about hosting, for example, you need to a lot about Cpanel, and general technical skills when it comes to hosting.

Basically, what we want support staff to do, is to be able to answer support tickets about cpanel, domains, email / ftp / mysql setups, to be polite in live chat, and if not able to sort out a problem, contact me as i am nearly always on.

We will give out trial runs for 30 days to people who are interested (email [email protected] if you are) to see if you have the skills that we are looking for.

You can see the package details here -
Aqua - Host Packages