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    Unhappy DNS Zones on WHM/Cpanel


    I've been using Cpanel successfully for a while, great software. I'm usi ng WHM, and bought a domain, lets call this 'domain'. I delete the old DNS zone, and it won't add the new one or the old one. My account is also screwed up, so I can't login. How do I fix this?

    Whenever I try do anything with the Cpanel, it says "Your domain is not in httpd.conf" so i'm guessing I need to get the DNS zone added first, help please!

    Help please to here or [email protected] (Working)

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    If you cant log in and the dns zones are messed up I would suggest logging in as root su - and typing this


    Without more information I cant suggest anything else, this script does a general fix up off a number of areas.

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