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    Cpanel accounts lost their 'link' to their domains. HELP!

    I'm in the process of restoring a box that has had its cpanel install reset.
    I have all the tar files created by sysbk and have restored all the cpanel files. However, cpanel only seems to 'half' know about the accounts.

    If I click 'list accounts' in WHM, it shows no entries.
    If I click show active and inactive domains, all the domains are listed as inactive (because they are not in the apache httpd.conf file yet)

    If I attempt to edit an account, either by domain or user id, the record it returns appears incomplete, with the domain name missing, and if you attempt to type it in, it still returns an error saying [ ] is not a valid domain name.

    So how can I relink the accounts with the domains fully ? Is there a fix script somewhere I can run, and if so, how ?


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    There should be a rebuild httpd.conf script in there.
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    If you list accounts in WHM and it doesn't show up, it's likely to be the user account information

    Check /var/cpanel/users

    and see if the user file is there. If not, you would have to then check if it is in httpd.conf. If it is, you can rebuild them


    The script Ronny meant is /scripts/rebuildhttpdconf, but that uses the user information files. So if it is missing, it won't work.
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