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    Dumbest site rip ever ?

    I just became aware that webwaystudio have ripped both images and text from our (old) website.

    The funny thing is they didn't even have the sense to remove OUR name from their FAQ section, most of which they ripped word for word, check this out :

    You'll see Invectis mentioned 3 times in the web design / development questions, though they did have the sense to change the text in the answers below.

    Webwaystudio, you have been named and shamed and this will come up in all future searches on you here . . . . . .
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    thats not the only thing they ripped
    they even ripped the msn email icon for "leave a message"
    they really do suck at ripping...
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    Seem like they re edited the site. I can't find Invectis in the faq section.
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    I sent them a polite e-mail pointing out that we were aware of their rip and asking them to remove the copied items and change the wording so it becomes their own not a copy of ours.

    So far they've just removed the 3 Invectis entries and not bothered to respond - seem like reputable folks

    I'm not overly bothered as the stuff they had is from a previous site to the one we have now but I expected at least some acknowledgent.

    I guess the next step is EV1 abuse department as it's on one of their servers - perhaps i should just leave it and feel flattered that they thought the site I built was worth stealing
    Invectis - Windows 2000, 2003 and MS SQL Server web hosting
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