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    We Need Advertising On A Sports Site

    I'm looking for some advertising on a sports related website (pr5 or higher). The site I'm wanting to promote is a NFL/football related sports site. Please post any sites that you think I would be interested in.

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    This forum i go to looks good and its not that old all ways 15 users on in the days usa time.

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    Thanks David I will contact them and see about advertising. Any other sites out there?

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    Okey i done a look for ya'

    Best 3 i can find.

    Tho bigger usa sport fans most prob know more.

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    I own if your interested.

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    I am interested in both and if you could each send me a pm with pricing info I would appreciate it.

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    How would you like to advertise on:
    We currently have a page rank of 5 on our forums and with baseball season starting up soon we can offer you a special preseason rate!

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    Sounds great send me a pm with pricing details ITweb

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    Check out extreme sports site with 1,500 visitors per day and over 1800 registered forum members. We have ad space available, contact me
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    You can check out Hobby Insider -
    Hobby Insider -
    (Sports Related Hovvy site with some non-sport)
    Hosters to avoid: (worst hoster around)

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