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    7 - My expiernce (=bad)


    I'll do my story:

    Our company, ****************, WAS a reseller of this company. They all seemed nice in the beginning, support didn't seem to be bad at all. Then we had two customers looking for a server on that location. So we sold two boxes, first days seemed to go well. Then the troubles started:

    * Constant DDOS attacks
    * Support slowed down (2-5 days)
    * Blamed us for causing the DDOSSES etc...

    Then one customer was absolutely sure to stop the rent with us (at XLHOST.COM) which he did. The other customer continued his order since xlhost "told us" they would do something bout the ddosses. Then the next month the server seemed to be down. told us the reason for that was due to the new firewall install. A day later I've sent a mail to ask what was response. More then a week later we received a mail that the server hasn't gone down but that they mixed up two ip's (server was online on another IP). Another thing that happend was that they shut down the entire server & all data was lost.

    This month we demanded a refund for this trouble. We were sick of the ddosses and the trouble that went on. They refused to refund the entire amount. They refunded 54$ (= half of the total amount) and shut down the server immediatly (server should of stay up until end of March but they didn't seem to care about it anymore).

    This is my expiernce with this company. My advice is: don't ever rent with them to prevent such problems as we did.

    Yours sincerely


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    Oh well, thanks for informing

    BTW, be wary of low cost dedicated hosting provider.

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    I appologize for the bad experience that you had whilst using our service and I wish you well in your endeavours. For every one of these types of experiences we have 50 that are positive, but unfortunately we cannot make everyone happy all of the time.

    We shut down the server immedeately at your repeated request, initially I left the server online even after you had requested it be taken offline. Half of the problem we had while servicing you was that you only contacted us via messenger, which meant that depending on who you talked to, there was no "paper trail" of your requests.

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    I have to disagree you by that. I have sent you several e-mails (still in my outlook "Sent" list) with several requests which never been responded. I would like to talk to customers who are satisfied by your service & network. Let them contact me (you got my msn & e-mail). You refunded us 50% of the amount & we had the right on the server until end of March. It's absolutely unfair you didn't refund us for the total amount due to the troubles we had with the constant ddosses & the mixup with the server.

    I stay with my decision: you're the worst company I've ever been with & I'm not coming back on my decision.

    Yours sincerely


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    nixboxen, if memory serves me right many others have complained about your service so I don't doubt St0n3's story. Why don't you inform us all why you didn't refund him the full amount even after the server was down for an entire week?

    What kind of firewalling have you put in to prevent these ddos attacks?

    If you have so many positive reviews how come I'm not seeing any on WHT?

    Maybe you could address the complaints here to:

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