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    Customers for sale


    We are selling our shared hosting accounts. Below are details of the accounts that we have;

    Disk Space---Used Space---Bandwidth---Used BW---Price----------Renewal Date
    110MB--------9.47MB------1.1GB---------19.2MB-----$25/year ----6/18/2004
    100MB--------11.32MB-----10GB----------1.8MB-------$25.50/half yearly---3/25/2004

    7 of these accounts pay in Malaysian Ringgit. I don't think they should have any problem using credit card, but not paypal since it is not accepted. Pricing above are in US Dollars. All accounts are running on H-Sphere control panel. Preferably, I would like to move them to this control panel.

    If you are interested, you may take over our server located at Cost $99/month.

    Reasonable offers are accepted.. Please PM me with your price.

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    you have annual income of 681$, outgoings of $1188
    annual accounts are a liability, *you've* had the money, the new owner has to provide the service, with no guarantee of renewals

    Annualised Liability
    72 15-Jun 17.56
    25 18-Jun 6.30
    100 21-Jun 26.03
    45 28-May 8.75
    51 25-Mar 0.98
    100 09-Apr 6.03
    25 26-Apr 2.67
    45 27-Apr 4.93
    120 17-Apr 9.86
    25 17-Jul 8.29
    25 16-Apr 1.99
    48 27-Sep 25.38
    681 118.76
    server 1188

    we'd be interesting in taking this off your hands, including the server etc as-is so as not to destabilise the clients, to save you having to refund your clients, for a one off payment *from* you of $50 ...
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    can you explane these cost ... better.. please

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