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    * Need Serious Partner For Gaming Website and MORE

    Hi there im looking for a partner to help me out with the develpoment of a internet web browser based game. This game is a original idea and will have awesome design thanks to a great graphic designer named alan you can visit his website at or contact him on here his username is gazal he does some awesome work thats why i hired him cause i believe he the best in the bussiness.

    Now the partner i am looking for will be in charge of coding the website as i am no good at coding. He will work with me most likely over the phone and internet to set up the site i want and with his ideas mixed with mine to create a great site that im sure many people will love.

    I would like this person to have developed a site before that i can view and also know about the web browser based games out there if you want to see what i mean a freat site is

    This partner will share in profits that will be generated by features in the game that people may purchase if they wish to do so.

    Also this person if they wish to do say can become a close partner and work with me in maintaining my other websites such as evilpets.

    My goal is to edventually have a fairly big number of web based browser games with a wide variety of types and i need someone to give me a hand as one person cant do this alone.

    Thanks you can email me at [email protected]
    or contact me through the following methods
    yahoo= laffin_52
    msn= [email protected]
    aim= BMFzz

    Please only email or message me if you are serious about this as i am very serious at getting the ball rolling so to speak

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    Hi, I have developed 2 Web Based MMORPGs in the last month. One is PhantasyRPG was my first, and seems to be doing alot better of the two. It allows for user-owned shops, user-owned clans, PvP Trading System, and alot more.

    I have also broke the basic code down, and started working on a Thug/Gangster RPG. Due to Phantasy maxing its bandwidth and having to move it on a temporary server, the ThugRPG is down for a few days.

    I am interested in helping you, and those are my sites I mainly developed by myself.

    AIM: GamerZ2069
    MSN: [email protected]


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    I am interested in being a future vendor for your company. At the moment my company is working on developing a BBGE (Broswer Based Game Engine). We are developing textbased, 2D, and 3D versions. I would like to keep in touch if you are interested in these products for future development.

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    as i havnt made 5 posts yet i cant reply to ur request feel free to add me to any of the messenger platforms a mentioned above so we can talk some more



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    this is going to be a big hit!

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