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    Unhappy Cancelling account with

    Hello to everybody

    About 1 month ago I ordere for 1 hosting plan at

    I gave credit card data for payment but, after the confirmation email from Geekhosting, I didn't get any other email from them. They also didn't take money from credit card.

    I wrote them to ask if it was possible to cancel the order, but again no email from them.

    So, as I want to try one other company, I would like to know if anybody had my same problem and if it is possible to stop their (far future) service



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    Do they have a phone number?
    If there is more than one email address try emailing all available, especially if there is an external address, ie. not at their domain.
    Just incase your email to their server isnt reaching the inbox, do they have a helpdesk also?

    Try find other ways of contact
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    Hello and welcome to WHT!

    Yes, you should be able to contact your CC Company and make sure no future payments are charged by the host.

    You can search these forums for a provider that meets your requirements, as there are many excellent providers here. You can also use WHT's new Host Quote tool located here.

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