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Thread: Template hell

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    Template hell

    hi as you may guess im here to see if i can get some help with a template problem i am having .

    i have created a sliced image interface in imageready. exported it and created a template ( in dreamweaver mx )for my site with it . no problems so far .....the template works great at root level...... if i use the template on pages that are in subs of that directory ....the rollovers on my buttons cannot be found ( but the rest of the template is there). ( it has moved the location of the rollovers to the directory where the page i making any sence ? i have been at it a while now.................any ideas ladies and gentlemen ???????????????

    just noticed the imageready preload script is working ( the images are there untill you mouseover them)

    the customer is allways right .........until they speak

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    when you saved the file in a sub directory the path to the image may have stayed the same. You may have to change the links to ../images/yourimage.jpg The ../ brings points to the level of the directory above the subdirectory.

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    cheers i have played with that it wont work but here is the code from my template

    index_Downloads_over = newImage("indeximages/index_Downloads-over.gif");

    and the code that gets imported from the template is

    onmouseover="changeImages('index_Downloads', 'indeximages/index_Downloads-over.gif'); return true;"

    but getting the properties from the preiviewed page is

    any idea why ?????

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    What directory is your index file in?

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    the containg folder is joshnew the template is in joshnew/templates and the images file is in the root also

    it seems that the page when it is viewed is inserting galleries as part of the link
    bugging me now ahhhhhhhhh ;-)

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    Use Fireworks mate!!
    Have you tried checking and re writing the html code manually.
    Gotta be something simple. I know you think too deep mate

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    that would be an ideal solution bud ...............apart from there being about 70 pages to recode .............but i have now used <div> 's + layers in the template ( with editalble regions ) but they seem to be unstable in different screen resolutions

    umm we live we learn


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    i am still perplexed i have attached an image to see if it makes more sence.......the template works fine in root folder pages but not in pages held in the subdirectories e.g ........although the rest of the template shows up I.E the banner and navigation..........however the rollovers preload the initial image soon as the mouse is over them they appear as image placeholders........the I.E code from the page is expecting the rollover images in the containing folder in the subdirectory...................... any ideas ??????

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