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    4images gallery,account,setting up,databases.... I'm totally lost

    I purchased webhosting from I also got my domain's my problem I wanted to let a friend set up a 4images gallery in my space, how would I do that so she can access her gallery and mysql but not my entire cpanel. I'm so frustrated and have a headache now.... I hope someone can please help and explain it so my very tired brain can understand......thanks so much in advance


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    All you have to do is to set permissions everywhere to restrict the user so he/she can only view their area, not whole cPanel. I don't have much experience in Linix but I can help you to secure MySQL. Reset privileges on mysql.user and mysql.db so that she don't have any access on mysql.user (edit the user and un-select all checkboxes from mysql.user table). Insert a new record in mysql.db and grand the user all permissions on the provided database.
    Hope it will help you take some further steps .
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