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    Question Setting up access on windows 2003 server

    Got my 1st Win2003 server yesterday, been using linux all the time, so total n00b. My client wants to use a access database and want to know from me where to setup the users and the protection etc? I'm using helm on the server.

    Thanks in advance.

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    You should be close, or all ready to go. Your users can create the MS Access dBs in their Helm control panel. Unlike MySQL, there are no users to set up. Rather they will use ODBC or DSN-less connection strings in their code to access the MS Access dB. Once the dB is created the user can FTP an existing dB w/ the same name to the dB folder or use the new dB. You may need to adjust permissions for the dB folder, depending on the user's code and methods (ASP, .Net worker processes, etc.).

    Feel free to email me if you require assistance w/ this.

    Good luck.

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    You can try with using active directory ,group policies and security policies in windows2003 server.



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    Upload your Datasource file (mdb file) to a folder that is not accessible directly from the web for security reasons. You can apply NTFS permissions on it if you want. the amin user of course should have a r/w/x permission. If u want web user to place file on the datbase, then u must set r/w/x permission on your IUSR_servername user.

    Check out on helm if they allow managing site permissions.

    2 cents> it is still advisable to use a dsn-less connection for better performance.

    Hope i was able to give some insights. cheers!
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    Use NTFS permissions and allow the site's anonymous user to have write access in the folder where the .mdb file resides. That's all the permissions you need.
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